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Welcome to Itchytail Pet Services

Training & Behavioral Specialists

Reward Based & Balanced

My name is Shae Clark and I am the Owner & Trainer at Itchytail Pet Services. At Itchytail we provide one-on-one private dog training lessons in and out of the home. We work on skills for outdoor and household management. Behavior Assessments and modification, Group Training, Social play groups and Boarding Services are available. 


Itchytail was started in 2005 with one goal in mind; keep dogs out of the shelter and remain in the home.  Years later and the goal remains the same, we work with pet parents to strengthen bonds through communication, structure, and love. My own training has come from hands on, real life work; courses taken through Leerburg & Robert Cabral's Shelter Dog Training. A member of IACP for Canine Professionals and hold Pet CPR & First Aid and Animal Behavior Certifications. 

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